Canadian Tour 2015 Video

It's important to be passionate about life.

We've sacrificed a lot to get where we are today, and we'll sacrifice even more to continue doing what we love to do. Without the support of our fans, family, and friends, none of it would have been possible. We're thankful for every bump in the road that's helped guide us on our journey, and blessed to see so much love and support at every show.

To our fans, you guys are truly amazing. You fuel the fire and inspire us to keep moving forward. 

We've put together a small video from our last tour, in hopes it captures the energy and emotion we feel in every city. It doesn't matter where we go, you guys are always there for us. We'll continue to be there for you, through our art, music, and clothing.

It's a movement; everyone plays a small part in their own way. For that, we're truly grateful.  

Much love from Stealth Bomb Records, Stompdown Killaz, and Ephin Lifestyle Holdings Corp 

The video was shot by various members of the crew and edited by Snak The Ripper.