A day at the races with SDK

Last Sunday some of the Ephin & SDK crew got together at the Hastings Race Track in Vancouver to test their luck betting on horses. It went well for some and not so well for others, but everyone unanimously agrees it was a hell of a good time. Check out some of the photos below. Big shout out to Garrett (@sundaeimage on IG) for coming through to snap some pics. 

If you've never been to Hastings Race track in Vancouver, we'd definitely recommend it. It's a great social even with lots of food, drinks, and laughs--with a few tears mixed in. 

Naks rolled through to say what's up.

Naks x Craver.

Capital Q is in the building.

Capital Q x Naks x Craver.

Brian and Kalem from the Ephin shop learning how to lose their hard earned money. 

Citto Cain (Flight Academy Music) sorting out his first wager.

Vision x Craver x Capital Q. 

And they're off!

Come on #3 let's goooooooo! Big money, big money, big money!

Stand up! Vision is already planning how to spend his winnings. So... close.  

But not close enough. Ah fuck. 

Tough break.

Yosh hit the money, about to cop a bunch of new upgrades for the print shop. First you get the money. 

Then you get the power.

Then you get the women... and a fancy new lid.

Caspian, always reppin' the squad.

Caspian x Vision.

This is too intense, too stressful. 


Took a break for something to eat, had a few more drinks, and then a few more drinks.

And then we partied with a dope lady in the booth beside us who was celebrating her 50th Birthday. She's now an honorary member of SDK. Happy birthday lady, sorry we forgot your name, but enjoy the fresh new tee.  

Hoping for one more win on the last race of the day, but no luck. 

Now we're just reminiscing in the lot about what could have been. But all-in-all, after all the ups and downs, it was just an amazing day shared among friends, and you can't put a price on that. Maybe next time we'll try mini-golf. What could go wrong?

Quick group photo and we're out. 

- The Ephin & SDK Crew