Lil Killa: Lost At Sea


The Lil Killa plushy is still lost at sea. This morning our supplier said "the cargo ship is still stuck outside the Vancouver harbor and will arrive in a few weeks." But it was "just a few more weeks" a few weeks ago. Does this remind you of anything? Only 14 days to flatten the... never mind. Let's keep this positive. The bottom line is nah, we're not buying it. Something shady is going on.
If this is true, how did one of our long time customers come across this pic on social media? We talked to the photographer on IG, he's a fisherman who snapped this pic a few miles south of the Caribbean Islands. The gig is up. We're going to make a few calls to some old friends who, let's just say, have a unique set of skills. We'll keep you updated as we learn more.


So, we know a guy, who knows a guy, who has a cousin who works at the Coast Guard. There's been an incident and he was able to get his hands on this photograph. It clearly shows our lil homie in distress after an accident at sea. We're not exactly sure what went down, we're waiting to hear back. It's not looking good but we're staying strong, keeping our spirits up, and doing everything in our power to bring the lil homie home. At least we can rule out any negligence by the manufacturer. Stay tuned.


Anyone catch the morning news? The Lil Killa rescue effort has taken an unexpected turn. We all want to get our hands on the lil homie, but these guys beat us to it. This isn't going to be easy, but we're not about to be intimidated by a few pirates in ski masks. They hijacked the wrong cargo ship. Don't they know we have more ski masks than they do!? Keep your head up Lil Homie, we're coming. 


The boys are overseas taking care of business. We just got a positive I.D. It's go time.


Lil Killa is finally home safe and sound! It's been a hell of a journey for the Lil homie, but we got him. He's a little beat up, but the doc days he will make a full recovery in the coming weeks. Now that he's back, he's looking for a place to live! If you have a warm and cozy home, and a loving family, you can book his travel accommodations here. He'll be ready to travel early next week!