Bombing Science Sketch Battle

Bombing Science, Ephin Lifestyle Holdings Corp, and NaksOne of SDK present an official sketch battle with over $525 in prizes! Naks took the crown in the last event, and is now helping to host and judge: 

"I am stoked to be the Host and Judge of this months Bombing Science battle. This is something I've wanted to do for a while and I can't wait to see what everyone brings to the table. This month's battle will be Sponsored in part by Ephin Apparel and Cariboo Brewing which means prize packs from not only Bombing science but Myself and the sponsors as well. So let's get started ! You've got 1 month let's see what you got !"

Participants will have to sketch the word "EPHIN" and will have one month to submit their work to the judges. If you're interested, head over to Bombing Science right now for full details.