Stompdown Killaz - Flawless Victory Collection

The early nineties were special. The Internet was emerging, baggy pants were fresh, Michael Jordan retired, The Wu-Tang Clan released their platinum selling album 36 Chambers, Janet Jackson starred alongside Tupac Shakur in Poetic Justice, and Mortal Kombat II was the best selling video game. Everyone watched Beverly Hills 90210 even if they said it was wack. Stompdown Killaz was a faint seed planted deep in the minds of a few passionate individuals. From the hoods to the burbs to the big city, culture worldwide was heavily influenced by this era.

Sometimes we find ourselves reminiscing about 'back in the day' and that's what inspired a collection based on a popular arcade game everyone played at the time. It's a little taste of how we came-up. Running around in the streets with our friends, playing video games, growing and learning--sometimes the hard way. Those were precious times that helped shape us into the people we are today, for better or worse.

It was a simpler time back then, before anyone had a super computer in their pocket. We found creative ways to have fun and stay out of trouble, but we weren't always successful. Life still had plenty of lessons to teach. 

On a typical day we linked-up without a plan or purpose. A call would go out and people would meet at a corner store, friends basement, skate park, or basketball court. We didn't have much money so everyone had a hustle on their mind. Sometimes we would roll dice with the loose change in our pockets. Sometimes we found ourselves in the wrong place at the wrong time and had to overcome obstacles. Often we made mistakes.

Aside from the hardship we all experienced at times, the biggest worry was trying to fit in and find an identity, or more importantly, how to afford a new pair of kicks. The feeling still lingers to this day.

Although times have changed they haven't changed that much. We're all human and we're all evolving. Life doesn't discriminate and it never stops. It always wants to see what you're made of and it's always moving forward. So are we, and so should you.

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