SDK History Pt. 13

I never thought having my own bed in jail would be so exciting, but after being in a holding cell for 30 hours it was amazingly comfortable. When I woke up it was still light out, probably 6 or 7 in the evening. I was hoping it would be morning already. To my surprise the jail was loud and cheerful, nothing like I had expected jail to be like. Everyone was talking and going from cell to cell trading tobacco or snacks for whatever you wanted. The "President" of our unit arrived at my cell and asked if I wanted any food, but because of my anxiety and stress there was no way I could eat, it had been days since my last meal. I had been given back a pair of pants and shirt from my travel bags and this self appointed President decided that my "Stompdown" shirt was something I would give him. I refused and that was when I realized how quickly things go from bad to worse. This happy face that was just offering me a lasagna suddenly changed into a psychopath. He just stared at me with a blank look, his eyes seemed hollow and he flicked his smoke into my cell and walked away. I knew there would be conflict soon and I was alone. I left my cell and went down to the tables where the TV was. It felt like my first day of high school, everything was extra awkward because I didn't speak the language, even the TV was in French. It felt like I was in a different country and each minute felt like an hour. I decided it was time to call my family and tell them the bad news. There were 2 phones and one was being used as some sort of workout bench. As I waited for someone to answer the phone at my parents house this one crazy inmate just kept staring at me while he did his workout routine on the phone inches from my face. He had wild bloodshot eyes and kept warning me not to shower without sandals because of some bacteria. Finally my dad answered and I had no choice but to break the news to him. As I sat there looking around the jail it took everything I had not to start crying. I told my dad what happened and that I didn't get bail and was probably stuck in this place until whenever my trail date was. He asked how I was holding up and of course I said things were fine. I'm sure he could tell from my voice that I was far from fine. It was the most depressing phone call I have ever made. I told him to contact the tour team and make sure they moved on without me.

What I didn't realize was Vision had been talking with my lawyer and trying to get me a second bail hearing. Alone in this place there was no way of knowing how much he was doing for me on the outside. I was preparing for a long stay in this place but I had no idea my brothers were on the outside doing everything they could to get me out. Since I was already in jail and felt like there was no hope, I decided to try and find weed. I was arrested with $70 and that was my credit so I used it to buy a package of shredded tobacco and then I traded that for the smallest amount of weed I have every seen. Back in my cell I rolled it with tobacco so that it was possible to smoke and waited for the night lockup. When the lights went off and the last guard left the unit I sparked it up with the 1 match I had. Even though I am allergic to tobacco it was the best joint I have ever smoked to this day, I was HIGH! Probably more from the nicotine than anything else but at this point nothing mattered. As I finished smoking I heard the doors to the jail open and a guard came up the stairs to my cell and tried the door, I was sure he had smelled the weed and I was busted but it was just them routinely checking the cell doors to see if they were locked. The rest of the night I just sat alone with my thoughts. There was a small window in my cell and I could look out to the rows of fencing with razor wire, it was my cellmates first time in a place like this and we both shared the same feeling of "are we really here!?". The whole night I kept thinking about how my life was now changed forever, what a sad ending to a great story. No sleep.

Early the next morning a guard opened my door and told me I had court. I jumped from my bunk excited, that was when I realized how sore I still was and even worse, I was soooo hung over sick from the tobacco I smoked last night. It didn't seem possible that I was already going back to court but it didn't matter, ANYTHING to get out of this hell hole. After being shackled from head to toe and stuck in a bus for over an hour we finally arrived back at the courthouse. We all sat in a small room together while we waited to see a judge. The strangest thing was how much weed and other drugs the inmates kept inside of them. Even minutes before court we were smoking heavy. Finally it was my turn to see the judge and a miracle happened, I was granted bail until my trial date!!! This was the best day of my life, a few hours later and I was signing papers for my release. When asked if I wanted to go back to the jail and get my wallet and belongings I said NO. All that I was thinking about was fleeing back across Canada to my home in Surrey. I still had no idea how I would make it home with no money or ID but that was the least of my concerns at this point. I was prepared to ride a bike home if it meant I was free from this place. On the way home our tour bus hit a tornado in Saskatchewan and was badly damaged, during the chaos I just sat there with a smile on my face, nothing mattered anymore. Freedom. Go for a walk, be free.

The simple things in life mean so much to me now.