SDK History Pt. 5

Welcome back, today is part 5 in the history of #SDK. I will continue where we left off last week explaining about how #snaktheripper and myself met and began filming music videos together. This first photo says it all, we were a couple of weirdos with big dreams!

Just like every other day I was passing time with CASPIAN & VISION at our retail location in Surrey (Fraser highway & 152nd street) trying our best to take over the world. As we sat there brainstorming crazy ideas, there appeared a strange creature outside of our shop--you know that scene in a movie where a very important character is first introduced and it pauses for a few seconds so you can absorb what you are actually looking at? This was that moment in my life.

SNAK THE RIPPER was very well known in the graffiti world and we had been hearing a lot about him because of his rap/graff combination. KEEP6 was the first person to bring him to our attention, but until I met this guy myself I had no idea the potential we were dealing with. If the word grimey had an image, this guy was it. And then I heard him speak! Raspy, rugged, too many cigarettes, whatever the ingredients, this guy was unique!

SNAK was in town with WERD filming the last scenes for his first music video “Warning” (YouTube.) As we talked about his music video we came up with the idea to do a graffiti video. We went to a wall in Delta on the train tracks and spent the day painting and filming. Sometime during this crazy day VISION suggested that SNAK film some of him rapping his new song while he was painting. At first he was hesitant because he didn’t want to associate his face and his vandal name to his rap name, so we came up with the idea for him to wear a ski mask to hide his identity. Little did we know, this would turn out to be an iconic moment in our history that brought global awareness to the SDK movement.

What started as a graffiti video turned into my first music video, and as the day continued the energy only increased. Soon we were back at the shop drinking and smoking. The next thing I knew I was filming my first official music video. Snak was standing on the roof of D-Recs car, with the roof caved-in, holding a hammer. (Photo 3) The music video can be found on YouTube titled Snak The Ripper “what’s street, dangerous state”. To be totally honest I don’t remember the rest of the day but this was the first day of my music video career.

Today, January 10, 2019, I woke up feeling very nervous about the story I was going to write today, not because of the content but simply because I get nervous about every Thursday history post. I didn’t realize how emotional it would be and how many times I would wake up in the middle of the night stressing about how I was going tell my story and how people would feel about it. Today I went on Instagram and the first story in my feed was @snaktheripper wishing happy birthday to his dad (R.I.P.) and his brother Kyle...... Of all the years and all the days to post my story about my road dog SNAK, today was it. What a trip life is. Love you brother! ❤️ #stompdownkillaz for life. See you next week 😢